Image impressions - Solar panels and photovoltaics
Smart people, a wealth of knowledge, and the spirit of innovation – that’s what we’ve been about for more than 25 years.
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25 years of TNC


When TNC was founded in 1985, photovoltaics was still in its infancy, this despite the fact that work was underway on the forerunners of solar cells more than a century before, in 1880 in New York. There have been massive advances made in this technology in the past 25 years. Adjusted for inflation, an installed watt cost CHF 30 in 1989, while in 2009 it cost less than a quarter of that at just CHF 7. And the trend is continuing.

The key milestones for TNC unquestionably include the following:

  • 1989 – the opening of the first photovoltaic noise barrier alongside a highway 
  •  The «invention» of the solar power exchange in Zurich in 1996 
  •  The use of bifacial systems along roads and rail track 
  • In 1992, TNC was commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE to develop and manage the Swiss photovoltaic promotion program. 
  • From 1997 to 1999, TNC was responsible as external program coordinator for the processing and implementation of the CHF 64 million investment program Energie2000. This was the first program in Switzerland to bring together the tasks of employment, energy and environmental policy.

In between these milestones, there have been numerous smaller projects, and new companies Effienergie AG and Zürichsee Solarstrom AG have been set up to provide further services. “The solar power segment is alive”, you could say. Why?

  • Because the technological progress means that the once-criticized high investment costs are steadily falling. 
  • Because the impending climate problems are increasing the necessity to use renewable energies. 
  • And because solar cells have tangible advantages thanks to the possibilities for decentralized use.

To further broaden the wealth of experience of TNC Consulting AG, the company has expanded on its activities in recent years, setting up a number of new firms to handle innovative project ideas and services.