Image impressions - Solar panels and photovoltaics
Pionierhafte Projekte im Bereich Solarstrom und Kleinwasserkraft 
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PV Studien

2012ASTRA "Potentialermittlung Kombination Photovoltaik und Schallschutz entlang von Nationalstrassen"
2008BAST Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (DE) "Handbuch Photovoltaik und Lärmschutz"
2007EU Thermie B "European Potential of PV-Noise-Barriers", Results for Europe, Goals and Background, Results for Switzerland
1998EU PVNB POT Thermie B "Evaluation of the potential of PV noise barrier technology for electricity production and market share"
1997Thermie A project "Larce scale integration of AC PV modules into a noise barrier along a highway near Amsterdam" (PVNB 220)
Photovoltaic noise barrier at the A9-highway in The Netherlands, Amsterdam