Image impressions - Solar panels and photovoltaics
Smart people, a wealth of knowledge, and the spirit of innovation – that’s what we’ve been about for more than 25 years.
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We think of things that other people haven’t even thought of yet. We do things that others don’t. We develop solutions that aren’t immediately apparent: we are innovators and groundbreakers when it comes to finding practical solutions with regard to renewable energies and energy efficiency.

At first glance, you might think we’re just an ordinary engineering firm. However, with us it’s not usually the case that the client comes to us with a problem and we then look for a solution. This does happen, but mostly it’s the case that we start off with a good idea, and develop a design and a solution. We then look for investors, companies, authorities and people who are excited by it, and together with them we make the project a reality.

From our many years of experience, we know that a good idea needs 5% of your energy, and putting it into practice accounts for the remaining 95%.

We have two main focal areas, which we can often combine to good effect: renewable energies/energy efficiency and IT. Many of our projects function on the interface between these two areas, from the solar power exchange through to Gebäudeprogramm AG.

The human race is causing significant changes to the earth’s atmosphere. One of the critical aspects is the high concentration of CO2. The only way to reduce this is through rapid progress in the field of renewable energies. Photovoltaics are a component in this new energy mix. Another very important aspect is improving the energy efficiency of buildings, given that they account for a large share of energy consumption. Our ideas and solutions are developed against this backdrop.

Last, but not least, all of our projects are characterized by a medium and long-term mindset. And given that they also have a technical and socially relevant component, we also engage in the field of energy policy – without any party affiliation, but with a commitment to the issue and thus to a livable future.