Image impressions - Solar panels and photovoltaics
Our track record features pioneering projects in the field of solar power.
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PV projects

2014ZSSAG, PV noise barrier Zumikon, 80 kWp
2014ZSSAG, residential development Erlenbach, 4 plants, 48 kWp
2014ZSSAG, Community Langnau a.A., 2 plants, 125 kWp
2014ZSSAG, Community Horgen, 7 plants, 224 kWp
2014PV plant VBZ, Tramdepot Irchel Zurich, 220 kWp
2012ZSSAG, barn roof Uetikon, 78.54 kWp
2011VBZ, Tramdepot Irchel Zurich, preliminary study, ca. 170 kWp
2011Schneider Umweltservice Uetikon, preliminary project, ca. 500 kWp
2009ZSSAG, PV park Erlenbach, 80 kWp, 70 kWp, 45 kWp
2007AMAG Buchs, Zurich, 190 kWp
2004Swissmill Zürich, cheer, 120 kWp
2001Swissmill Basel, 50 kWp
2000EFH Erlenbach, low energy building, thermal solar plant 22% heating/59% warm water, PV plant 2 kWp, measurement for the BFE research program "Rationelle Energienutzung in Gebäuden"
 Zürcher Freilager 270 kWp for the ewz solar stock exchange
1992Sonnenhof Bern 24 kWp with scoreboard and measurement campaign
1992PV plant elong the railway SBB line Bellinzona-Locarno, 100 kWp, Swiss Solar Prize 1994